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session info-newborn

Newborn sessions are for babies less than 2 weeks old. For a warm, happy, sleepy baby, about an hour before I arrive, try this:

-Turn up the heat or turn off the air conditioning.

- Undress baby (you can leave a loose diaper on) and wrap babe in a blanket; if you do not want your baby in the buff, put him/her in the outfit you want to start in - plain white onesies are perfect. To keep baby happy, it is best to limit it to one or two clothing changes. Then...

-Feed. Feed your baby until he/she is good and full. We will probably need a feeding or two during the session, so try not to worry about a specific schedule for this day.

It is highly likely that we and my backdrops will get peed's okay and it happens ALL the time. I do not rush a newborn session and I will be happy to wait for you to nurse or take breaks as needed to calm your baby. Playing music or other white noise at a decent volume works wonders to drown out the clicking of my camera.

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Newborn Sessions