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session info
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session info

Choosing the Location

Tell me about the feel you want for your session and I can help you decide on the best location for your session. I'm open to trying new places because this is your story. Newborn sessions are in your home or my studio.

What Will the Session be Like?

I'll show up to the session a little early and I will want to look everywhere to find the best light. We may have to move furniture decorations, etc., but I promise I will help move it all back. We'll play and see what happens from there. Its not going to be stiff and formal. Don't be surprised if I ask to drag your couch outside. Just keep an open mind! I always welcome your ideas, so if you have something specific in mind, please tell me before the session so I can be sure to come prepared.

Hair, Nails and Make-up

Try to keep it simple and don't forget to clean and trim everyone's nails and toenails (especially Mum and Dad's for newborn sessions).

Working with Children

This should be FUN! Please let me lead the way and I'll ask if I need help. I will work at their level and their pace and sometimes we'll work one-on-one away from Mum and Dad. A favourite doll or colourful toy are wonderful too. It also helps to make sure children get plenty of sleep the night before the session.